Friday, July 22, 2005

Average Hop Count of Platform

Now the average hop count from user to platform can be shown in simulator.xls.


each the average hop count is calculated from each platfrom.

* Platform find the shortest hop count to user location. (in case there are many users).

Average platform hop count = Sumation of hop count of each platform / number of platform

Change agent migration policy to use healthy level

Thursday, July 21, 2005

July 21st

Simulator Update

Now, we can simulate

8x8 grid network static:

I believe the simulator can show 10x10 grid network.

* We can see in the picture that there are two users in node 0 and node 5.

Agents are divided to two groups to follow each user.

Agent Migration Policy:

value1 = getNodeRequestRateRatio(nodeId);
value2 = getNodePopulationDensityRatio(nodeId);
value3 = getWandering();

if ((maxScore > migrationThreshold ) && (this.energyLevel_>2000) ) return maxScoreNodeId; else return -1;


1] Change migrati0n policy to use healthy level instead of agent population
2] Number hops count between platform and user