Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ph.D tools (update)

Theses are the tools that I am using now:

1) Gmail
for keep in touch with my adviser, follow the assigned tasks, keep revisions of papers.

2) Eclipse
My works based on Java, Eclipse is a best IDE for me (so far)

3) Power Point
Of course, for presentation

4) Excel
For calculation, process simulation result data, making graph.

5) Latex and Ms Word
Last year I used MS word, but I am changing to LaTex.
LaTex is far better than MS work, for scientific paper.
If you plan to be in grad program, you should start learning it now.
My LaTex Tools are:
- JabRef
- WinEdt

6) EverNote

7) Specific Tools for me
SPSS, AMPL, Sigma Plot,

8) Monitor Management (for dual monitors and PC remote control)
Utralmon, LogMeIn,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

[howto] Stain Removal



  • Never use very hot water for washing stained garments as this often sets the stains and makes them very difficult or impossible to remove.
  • Some stains are more easily removed by washing if they are soaked first in cold water, e.g. mud and blood stains, and the brown stain from shoe inner soles.
  • The use of chemicals is required for removing certain stains. Carry out this treatment before washing. Remove all traces of the chemical.
  • To apply a stain removing agent to fabric, place a fold of clean rag underneath the stain so that any surplus moisture is absorbed.
  • To prevent a ring forming around the stain, work from the outside of the stain, in an uneven circular shape, towards the centre, dabbing it very lightly with a pad of clean rag which has been dipped in the removal agent.
BLOOD Soak in cold salted water (1 teaspoonful to 1 pint) for at least an hour. Wash in warm soapy water.
COCOA/COFFEE/FRUIT JUICE Sponge with a warm solution of borax and water.
Rinse well and wash according to fabric.
COD-LIVER OIL Use a grease solvent and wash in soapy water.
EGG: WHITE Soak in cold water, then treat with lukewarm salt solution (1 teaspoon to 1 pint)
EGG: YOLK Wash according to fabric and remove the greasy mark with a grease solvent.
GRASS Dab with surgical methylated spirit over an absorbent pad. Wash according to fabric.
GREASE (1) Use a grease solvent, i.e. benzene or carbon tetrachloride.
(2) A surface grease may be removed by putting the fabric between blotting paper and pressing with a hot iron.
INK (BALL-POINT) Dab with methylated spirit over an absorbent pad. Wash according to fabric.
INK (WRITING) Wash at once. On white fabric, steep in milk, on any other colour fabric cover the stain with tomato juice. Wash again.
IRON RUST Soak stain in lemon juice. Rinse and wash.
LIPSTICK Wash in warm soapy water. Apply grease solvent, if necessary.
MILK Wash in warm soapy water, rinse well. Then treat with a grease solvent.
MUD Allow to dry. Brush. Soak in cold water. Wash according to fabric.
NAIL VARNISH Rub gently with acetone (not suitable for rayon).
PERSPIRATION Sponge with a weak vinegar solution. Wash according to fabric.
PAINT Rub with turpentine.
SCORCH Slight scorch marks may be treated with a solution of borax and water. Rinse and wash according to fabric.
SHOE POLISH Sponge with turpentine and wash according to fabric. If any colour remains sponge with methylated spirit and wash again.
TAR Scrape off as much as possible and then treat with a grease solvent. Wash according to fabric.
TEA Rinse immediately with cold water and wash according to fabric.
For dried stain, damp with cold water and sprinkle with borax. Pour hot water through the stain. Rinse well and wash according to fabric.
TRANSFER Steep in surgical methylated spirit.
Try a commerical dry-cleaning agent. Wash after treatment if possible.

From University of New South Wales

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Comics: Done?

[Hardware] Remote Sensor

Remote Sensor + USB interface


RemoteSensor is a more advanced example for using Objective Development's firmware-only USB driver for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers (AVR-USB).

RemoteSensor is a wireless thermo- and hygrometer with an USB port on the receiver. You can draw fancy diagrams of temperature and humidity for up to 16 wireless sensors.

RemoteSensor is a more advanced example because it utilizes an interrupt endpoint to indicate to the host when new data arrived, demonstrating how AVR-USB handles a second endpoint. The receiver part is basically a serial to USB converter with special processing for the wireless protocol such as data integrity checks and data block buffering.

From Objective Development

Monday, March 03, 2008

[data mining] Magnum Opus Demo

The exciting new tool for finding associations -- if-then rules that highlight interrelationships among attributes. A free ten-day evaluation will convince you that Magnum Opus is the best association rule software available!

I did try it. It is easy to use. List file format is simple.
The output is understandable. The free trial version is good enough for data mining study.

Magnum Opus

Saturday, March 01, 2008

[GTD] Task Management on Gmail

GTD (Get Things Done)

" Remember The Milk for Gmail is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage your tasks in Gmail (complete, postpone, and edit tasks), add new tasks (and connect them with your emails, contacts, and Google Calendar events), automatically add tasks for starred messages or specific labels, and much more!"

Download and More Info