Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stuffs in Our Lap Space

**** Our Stuffs ****

There are 8 monitors in our lab space
( 19" (Paskorn's) ,+ new 19", + 15"x6)

There are three PCs (Paskorn's 3.0 HyperThread 1GRam, Linux Server, and Chonho's PC)

The new PC is comming for Madhu.

1 samsung laser printer

1 wireless D-link router (G)

1 4 port linksys switch

1 4 port 10M HUB (the old one).

1 Refrigerator

1 Microwave

The stuffs' manuals are in the Chonho's drawer.


Meeting: Research Progress::

Now, we have 2 meetings a week:

Chonho presented about self-assembly and origami langauge.
He will present more related works this Friday.

Paskorn presented about market net for sensor network (Done).
He will present related work in market net and his research progress.

Paskorn is working on Energy Exchange Algorithm. The GridNets paper is dued this June 15th.


For grant proposal: How to apply bio-net? (Due Friday)
Review 4 papers (Due Friday)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some memo notes

Something that I should write it down before I couldn't remember.

1) I read MALLET paper for review.
The mallet is Multi – Agent Logic Language for Encoding Teamwork. The authors are attempting to create the new langauge to implement program agent as a team set.

For instance, in the fire fighter team, there are many agents in diferent function but they have the same global goal. This problem can be implemented by MALLET.

The syntax and semantics are hard to understand for me, cause , again, I am not a guy who is good in math. :)

The point is what happens if we implement agent and platform in my model follow this concept.

My model there are agent to serve the user and platform to find the better host to be installed. Both of them have the same finally goal, survival. To let them survive, agents have to serve the user. We can imaging the serving request from user as a web page request and each agent contains web page. When the agent get the request it get the energy (assume set value). Energy drive them to living and behave. Agent and platform live together as in symbiotic concept.

Come back to the point, what happens if we implement mallet. Yes, it should be a great idea. Now I create all symbiotic behaviors up(hard coding). But, MALLET can invoke these behaviors automatically. The new language to describe the mechanism of network adaptation should be a good topic for doing research.

Yes, I have to study more how to implement this concept in my model.

2) Another thing, I just presented poster about the symbiotic network in computer science UMB last Thu.

Next step, we are going to Orlando, Florida in this July to present this small idea.

The world, see you there.

Energy Exchange Algorithm

Long time, I've not updated this blog because there was no surprising progress and I was very busy.

This semester is going to kill me. Studying Compiler and OOD together is so real hard. For me, I loss my way in the wrong track which I miss-chosed.

However, the symbiotic networking has some progress. Since last update, I came back to basic questions: how a life survives in the real environment, how energy relate to the living.

Of course, I read many biology papers, which I don't like them much since I was in high school age. I learnt how the salmon-fish use energy for reproduction, how animals transfer the food to energy and make them still living :(metabolism). I knem that there are some theory in biology as 10% rule: energy transfer, in food chain, in each level only 10% that it takes.(Pyramid of Energy)

First I attempted to apply hibernate algorithm, but I couldn't. We don't know the user predicted request period, of course we couldnot forecast it either. Some theories came up! morkov chain, queing theory but again I am a guy who is not good at mathematics.

Finally, the easy basic idea was poped up in my head. Just find the average, maximum and minimum of interval time (we have to change frequency domain to time domain). And then let agent, as biological entity, losses its energy based on these values as respiration rate.

The result showed surprisingly.

Sure, now, I have to implement this concept to the bio-net simulator.

Do you know what: this is far from the symbitic behavior. Now they, living agents, just start breathing.

Anyhow, So far so good.