Sunday, May 15, 2005

Energy Exchange Algorithm

Long time, I've not updated this blog because there was no surprising progress and I was very busy.

This semester is going to kill me. Studying Compiler and OOD together is so real hard. For me, I loss my way in the wrong track which I miss-chosed.

However, the symbiotic networking has some progress. Since last update, I came back to basic questions: how a life survives in the real environment, how energy relate to the living.

Of course, I read many biology papers, which I don't like them much since I was in high school age. I learnt how the salmon-fish use energy for reproduction, how animals transfer the food to energy and make them still living :(metabolism). I knem that there are some theory in biology as 10% rule: energy transfer, in food chain, in each level only 10% that it takes.(Pyramid of Energy)

First I attempted to apply hibernate algorithm, but I couldn't. We don't know the user predicted request period, of course we couldnot forecast it either. Some theories came up! morkov chain, queing theory but again I am a guy who is not good at mathematics.

Finally, the easy basic idea was poped up in my head. Just find the average, maximum and minimum of interval time (we have to change frequency domain to time domain). And then let agent, as biological entity, losses its energy based on these values as respiration rate.

The result showed surprisingly.

Sure, now, I have to implement this concept to the bio-net simulator.

Do you know what: this is far from the symbitic behavior. Now they, living agents, just start breathing.

Anyhow, So far so good.

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