Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stuffs in Our Lap Space

**** Our Stuffs ****

There are 8 monitors in our lab space
( 19" (Paskorn's) ,+ new 19", + 15"x6)

There are three PCs (Paskorn's 3.0 HyperThread 1GRam, Linux Server, and Chonho's PC)

The new PC is comming for Madhu.

1 samsung laser printer

1 wireless D-link router (G)

1 4 port linksys switch

1 4 port 10M HUB (the old one).

1 Refrigerator

1 Microwave

The stuffs' manuals are in the Chonho's drawer.


Meeting: Research Progress::

Now, we have 2 meetings a week:

Chonho presented about self-assembly and origami langauge.
He will present more related works this Friday.

Paskorn presented about market net for sensor network (Done).
He will present related work in market net and his research progress.

Paskorn is working on Energy Exchange Algorithm. The GridNets paper is dued this June 15th.


For grant proposal: How to apply bio-net? (Due Friday)
Review 4 papers (Due Friday)

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