Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Today Update

I have nothing to present about my research progress today.
The agents and platforms have not taken the first breath yet.
It is very late and far behind from my schedule.
Everything will be finished by this weekend.
I will work harder and harder. Please Wait.

Today Meeting:
CN presented about the self-assembly and related work.
He was killed again.

My turn, I presented EWMA why it is exponential. And also,
the marketnet from columbia university.
Nearly be dead, but I was not.

The proposal idea, the good idea was poped up.
We can implement bio-net to animal observer system.
The agent works as cache.
The goals are network traffic and database space reduction.
The local of agents has been proposed.

We used Chiangmai Elephant as a case study.

1) My CV due this night
2) REview Paper x3 due Tomorrow
3) Paper due June 20
4) Simulation Result due this weekend
5) Prepare for Next Meeting this Friday

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