Thursday, June 16, 2005

Simulator Log



Below is the simulator log:

Date 6/15/05
Agent: Energy Exchange Algorithm
0) Energy Algorithm class is implemented for Agent
1) Agent is implemented Energy Algorithm (as object).
It keeps record of intake energy from doSevice behavior.
2) Agent pay energy (check and pay) in preDecision behavior

Platform: Energy Exchange Algorithm
0) Platform has EnergyExchangePF class
1) It keeps record of intake agent when the agent give energy to platfrom
2) It pays energy in preDecision behavior
3) doEvaporate behavior check the healthy level for platform

Date 6/1/05
Energy Exchage Algorithm
1) mainSimFrame Cycle_num is the main number in cylcle
we cannot use this number for keeping the time

Date 2/9/05
Plan Next:
1) CE give energy to Platform
2) CE
Show the result after platform as biological entities:

Date 2/7/05
Healthy level completed
- platform use 10 unit of each HL
- Agent use 1 unit of each HL
- Platform will check the number of CE when it respiration and update

Date 2/5/05
Platform work on host use 10 healthy level each
Agent work on host use 1 healthy level each
This algorithm is added in
* BionetPlatform --- control platform number, CE number .. . .
Platform <-- BehavPlatform control platform as biological entities
Effect the replicationThreshold of Platform control the number of platform
2 the healthyLevel of platform are negative
3 Agent did not give any energy to platform when it work on
4 agent did not pay healthylevel back to platform when it maigrated

Date 2/4/05
Added Node file field CPU MEM NETWORK
Changed FileParser to read the CPU,MEM,NETOWRK field from node file
Added constructor to node( ) class
Added BionetPlatform in setPF to init all HL
setPF set Healthylevel of platform =node minus 10 for platform cost
Added Platform set HL
Changed GUI control panel to show HL
ControlPanel was changed to check Platform enable
2/5/05 Platform has Healthy level

Date 1/30/05
Added Gui Platform as Biological Entities
control panel
and change in simulator

Date 01/24/2005
requestNum ==0
Node Provide Service > 0 : Blue (CE in Service)
CeNum=0, : white (No CE)
CeNum>0 and provide service =0 : Yellow (CE Idle)
REquestNum>0 : Red
if node has last request >0 red circle
platform green
16:25:08, Improve some platform gui

Date 1/23/05
To show the result of Platforms
+ Changed About Dialoge
+ Added PlatformPanel by copying ResultPanel
+ Changed CE to PF

+ Added parseOutputPFFile in
+ Added to keep the tempplate of Platform

+ Added creating pf.xls in

+ Changed OutputData in Platform to add information to the file

+ Added code in endsimulation in BionetPlatform

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