Friday, November 21, 2008

Qualification Exam System part

Pick 2 problems from following 3 Problems:

1) Thread and Process in Database and Web server Scenario
- What are threads and Processes
-How new request can be added as a thread.
-Can new thread does not execute right after just right after it is created.
-How to swap process

2) Virtual Memory
- System Calls
- what is Writable shared memory, what is not-writable shared memory.
- How to conclude that two processes do not share writable memory.

3) Pipeline
- Stall Problem in branch instruction
- how branch prediction mechanism improve the pipeline (and throughput of the system)
- Create for loop that the branch is hard to predict.

OMG--- I did n0t realize and I finished them all in 3 hrs. ---

The first thing to do an exam : READ INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY.

Sorry -pC

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