Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Progress 1/12/05

Kuitar departed to Bkk at 11.00 AM.
I am alone and have nothing to do but hard work.

Done: (7.00pm)

  1. Read related paper

“Dealing with ghosts managing the user experience of autonomic
computing”, D.M. Russell, R.P. Maglio, R. Dordick, C. Neti, IBM
Systems Journal 42, No. 1, 177-188, 2003

“Enabling Autonomic Behavior in Systems Software with Hot
Swapping,” J. Appavoo, K. Hui, C. A. N. Soules, R. W. Wisniewski,
D. M. Da Silva, O. Krieger, M. A. Auslander, D. J. Edelsohn, B.
Gamsa, G. R. Ganger, P. McKenney, M. Ostrowski, B. Rosenburg,
M. Stumm, and J. Xenidis, IBM Systems Journal 42, No. 1, 60-76,

  • I 've found the web site
    The future of Computing, pervasive, autonomic, grid computing.
    78-page book. It is easy to read for beginner.
  • I listed the related papers that I've read. They are about 10s in my list right now.

2. Start Writing lay out of related work.

3. Simulation (Done at 11pm)
Add simulator to Eclipse, run test,
Change button picture icon
Read the manual.

- Add network topology to 4x4 Static Done at 11.45pm
- Add one more type of agent (to be platform in the future)

My First night in the campus, no where to go.

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