Sunday, January 23, 2005

Progress 1/23/05

DOne: 03.00am
+ Platform V0.5
(with No Error)
Platform can deploy, replicate, dorespiration and death

Task (Todo Next)
+ Add Platform panel to show Platform output + graph
+ Add Result Panel to show expected result
+ Add healthy level and healthy level table
+ Add Symbiotic behavior
+ checked box to set options

Date 1/23/05
Done: Show the result of Platforms

Simulator Modified Lists:
+ Changed About Dialoge to show version 4.5 Symbisis NetSphere ;)
+ Added PlatformPanel by copying ResultPanel
+ Changed CE to PF

+ Added parseOutputPFFile in
+ Added to keep the tempplate of Platform

+ Added creating pf.xls in

+ Changed OutputData in Platform to add information to the file

+ Added code in endsimulation in BionetPlatform

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