Friday, January 02, 2009

Media Box for N800 is a Must Have

Now My N800 without dual-boot runs smoothly.
It seems to run faster than previous version of OS with dual-boot.
The battery also can stay longer.

But, that is not the point for this Blog Entry.

The good thing I would like to share is about a media App on N800.
I used Canalo2 for a long time. Currently, I am using MediaBox.

It is faster and lightweight. I really like the user-interface of MediaBox.
I can adjust the volume by using zoom-in/out buttons.
I can switch to the song detail mode by pressing full screen button.

I can listen to FM. I can show the photo picture.
And the best is the tons of SHOUTcast station.

So far, it is my most used application on N800.

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